Greifbook is an art project about mourning. We have been inspired by the ritual forms of dealing with grief in different cultures, like funeral practices and the work professional mourners. Our aim is to give the audience a possibility to experience grief in the shared space of a performance. We feel that the art of performance is an ideal contemporary way to revisit, reform and revitalize the normalized forms of social rituals that structure our lives.

We have contemplated for example grieving as the active, honest way of facing death. Death as the cleanser of superficiality, as the silencer of insignificant noises, as the eye-opener for the whole new world, as the very thing that gives meaning to life. The funeral as a sacred passage to another world and a time and space for heightened grieving. And the meaning of all these in the context of the digital age where we have virtual existence that could possibly “never die”.

Our first offer is Funeral Experiences, a performance at Caisa international cultural center in Helsinki, on the 14th of May 2016, at 8pm.

We are Heidi Syrjäkari (actor), Yuko Takeda (actor) and Tuomas Laitinen (director and performance artist).

Photography by Mira Kautto.